Who invented the CatBib?

A bird-feeding, cat lover in Springfield, Oregon, USA.

How does it work?

The CatBib is attached to the cat’s collar and hangs loosely over the cat’s chest. It works by gently interfering with the precise timing, and coordination a cat needs for successful bird catching. It works by using the simple principle of coming between the cat and the bird just at the last moment. It defeats all the cat’s stealth and cunning at exactly the moment it’s needed. It doesn’t interfere with any of your cat’s other activities. The CatBib ONLY affects your cat’s ability to catch birds. A cat wearing a CatBib can run, jump, climb trees, eat, sleep, scratch and groom. If you want to prevent your cat from catching birds, use the CatBib. It’s part of being a responsible pet owner to control your pet and to love it dearly.

Does it really work?

Yes! A recent independent University Research Study scientifically proved the CatBib works to stop 81% of cats from catching birds! The lead researcher says: “The CatBib is an excellent product and lives up to it’s claims.” Read some of the over 200 customer testimonials.

Is it safe for my cat to wear a CatBib?


Yes it is safe. The CatBib is attached to the cat’s collar by means of a hook and loop closure.(Velcro) The material is very flexible, stretchy, soft, and lightweight (less than an ounce), the same material used by scuba divers. Comfortable for the cat to wear. In no way does the CatBib interfere with any of your cat’s necessary or desired movements. They can run, jump, climb trees, go up and down stairs, sleep, eat, drink and be merry. It only stops cats from catching birds.  While thousands of CatBibs have been sold and used safely over the years, one case of entanglement has been reported.  We strongly recommend the use of an elastic safety collar in conjunction with the CatBib to ensure safety for the cat.  The type of collar we sell is not a breakaway collar, but if the collar gets caught on something, it will stretch and the cat can pull its head out of the collar.

Read more about safety here, you can see 'Stinky' zooming around in his bib in this ABC article and video.

Which size CatBib should I buy?

The small (triangular) size CatBib has been university tested and found to stop 81% of known bird-killing cats from catching any birds(that’s four out of five cats stopped from catching birds). For those cats that defeat the small CatBib, there is the larger (squarish) CatBib to try. Please note, the size you should buy is based on your cat’s aggressiveness NOT the size of your cat. For further discussion and photos go to “CatBib Sizes” page.

What kind of collar should I use with a CatBib?

You should always use a safety collar in conjunction with the CatBib.  Even if the cat is not wearing a CatBib, safety collars are best.  Please go to our Collars page to read more information. We also sell collars online.

Can cats use cat flaps, cat doors wearing a CatBib?

Yes, the CatBib does not interfere with your cat going in and out of the cat door.

Can I leave the CatBib on all the time?

Yes, you can leave the CatBib on all the time, but it’s not recommended. The CatBib is comfortable for the cat to wear, in fact the cat will nap with it on. The CatBib will get dirty, and it’s good cat care to remove the CatBib to clean it or have a backup handy to switch to. The CatBib was designed to be worn when your cat is outside to prevent your cat from killing birds. It’s recommended that it be removed when your cat is inside at night. Locking your cat in at night is recommended for several reasons: darkness makes it harder for drivers to see a cat, many animals are active at night (flying squirrels as well as coyotes) and the evening is a good time to relax and socialize your cat. Pets need attention. Besides putting the CatBib on and taking it off is an excellent time to check your pets and give them hugs.

How do I care for the CatBib?

The CatBib was designed with easy care in mind. It’s made of thin neoprene, backed on both sides with nylon. The material keeps it’s shape, is durable and color fast. It never gets sopping wet. If it gets dirty, just wipe it off with a damp cloth or throw it in the washing machine. Hang to dry.

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